Ny 3dskrivare - ProJet 3510 DPPro

Avsedd för dentallaboratorium för att ta fram implantatborrguider, vaxmodeller och temperaturtåliga och termoformbara ortodontiska mönster, kronor och bro-formar.
Då nya 3510 DPPro är en sammanslagning av funktionerna från de två äldre 3500 DP & MP skrivarna, tas nu dessa bort ur sortimentet.

 Make wax-ups and dental models fast
    Higher throughput means you can make more models faster
    Choose from a variety of materials to fit your specifications
    Make dental models more accurate and production more repeatable
    Avoid headaches with low-maintenance operation and intuitive touchscreen controls
    Boost traditional methods by inserting 3D printing into your workflow

New all-in-one 3D printer for dental and orthodontic medical applications, the ProJet® 3510 DPPro. This game-changing technology gives dental labs the power to print everything they need to address all of their demanding requirements: all this at up to twice the throughput of today’s printers.

The production-ready ProJet 3510 DPPro, the latest in the 3DS MultiJet Printing (MJP) line, is engineered specifically for dental and medical customers to deliver the speed and versatility to meet all of their demands. This includes dental wax-ups, durable implant drill guides, temperature-resistant and thermo-formable orthodontic patterns, and crown and bridge molds interchangeably.

Key Advantages of the ProJet 3510 DPPro:

     - Up to twice the throughput of today’s technology
     - Designed for 24/7 operation and same-day cycle times to reduce lead times and cost
      - High-precision dental wax-ups for casting into copings, bridges and partial frameworks
      - Superior, customized, durable plastic drill guides
      - Tough stone-like dental models
     - Produces 24 quad cases in a single build
     - 18 partial frameworks in 5 hours
    Increased ROI
      - Increases wax-up production by 37%
      - Delivers up to 20% savings on alloy consumption
      - Reduces finishing time by up to 50%


Tillgängliga utskriftsmaterial till ProJet 3510 DDPro:
    VisiJet® M3 Dentcast
    VisiJet® M3 Pearlstone
    VisiJet® M3 Stoneplast

Beskrivning av materialen:


VisiJet® M3 Dentcast
VisiJet M3 Dentcast Dental Wax-up Material is formulated specifically for production of dental prosthesis wax-ups used to produce high-quality, smooth surface crowns, copings and other related dental prosthesis and restorations. The material provides repeatable accuracy to ensure proper fit everytime.




VisiJet® M3 Stoneplast
VisiJet Stoneplast Dental Model Material provides for low-cost, convenient production of dental models directly from digital data for dentists and dental labs looking to streamline workflow, reduce turn-around time and improve accuracy and quality.




VisiJet® M3 Pearlstone
VisiJet M3 Pearlstone dental material prints dental models that are accurate, economical to produce and offer the appearance of dental stone. VisiJet M3 PearlStone is compatible with all intraoral, impression and plaster scanners and prints models for crowns, bridges, orthodontic devices, implants and partial dentures.







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